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To make a donation via PayPal, click the button below. You may also contact us for other methods of donation is PayPal is inconvenient for you. Mission: Citizen is an official Oregon nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. Mission: Citizen will write a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

Supporting Mission: Citizen

Mission: Citizen's service is free to participants. All income comes from donations, grants and sponsorships. All teachers, officers and board members provide their services for free, meaning that all proceeds fund non-profit registration fees, class materials, projects and other activities than enhance the learning environment. Additionally, Mission: Citizen provides scholarships to students who successfully complete the nine-week course and pass the practice exam to offset the $725 fee required to apply for citizenship. Many thanks to the Center for Civic education for its support.


Donors and supporters of Mission: Citizen are featured on Mission: Citizen's website, in its letterhead and at its events. Many thanks to our past sponsors, which include the following people and groups.

Citizen's Circle: $685 or more*
Center for Civic Education
Lincoln Communicare Club and the Schnitzer Foundation
State Farm Youth Advisory Board
Stoel Rives L.L.P.
Gretchen and Walt Hollands
John and Jeri Taylor
Lisa Kaner
Robert King
Stephen Griffith

Green Card Circle: $395*
Community 101 Grant of the Oregon Community Foundation
Zoomcare: David Sanders and Lisa Reynolds
Robert and Dorothy King
Tom Walsh
Wheatley Family

Visa Circle: $131*
Akiko Yokota
Alan and Cynthia King-Guffey
Callie King-Guffey
Calvin Hannah Mae
Carolyn Wheatley
Charles and Hong Mautz
Cornelia Johnson, on behalf of Quin Gattey
Dawn Holm
Emily Andersen
Lee and Agnes Trombley
Louis Wheatley
Rebecca and Devin Gattey
Robert Charatan and Monique Suhren-Charatan
Ron and Gail Jeidy
Tanner DeVoe
Will and Melanie Dann

Friends of Mission Citizen

Adina Cooper
Adrienne Whitworth
Ally Jeidy
Amelia Diana
Anna Mautz and James Cowan
Austin Raglione
Barry Newman
Ben and Jane Hoffman
Ben Wiley
Brad and Pamela King
Brett Andres
Caroline Fenn
Celia Tejada
Clay and Michelle Parkel
Corinne Yank
Courtny Angeli
Darin Sands
David and Katie Gold
David and Susan Kenney
Debbie Viegas
Deborah Denney Waksman and Steven Waksman
Deborah Kafoury
Donald and Marta Furman
Douglas and Richelle Weeks
Dylan Gattey
E.D. Leake
Elizabeth Stockton
Elsie Moore
Elyse King-Guffey
Emery Liebermann
Emilie Segura
Evan Burger
Evan Glassman
Frank and Chris

Frank Family
Hannah King-Guffey
Hongchen Zhao and Yunlan Wang
Huong Phan
Iris and Bob Glassman
Jack Shapiro
Jane Leo
Jeanne Mowry
Jen and Brett Andres
Jerry and Lisa Eckstein
Jessica Escobedo
Jorge Nieto
Jonathan Pulvers
Jordan Meyer
Julian Dann
Julie Abrams
Kate Buss
Kate Weeks
Katherine Hite
Ken and Anne Mersereau
Kevin Nguyen
Kylin Hamann
Lana Povitz
Lara Cannon
Laura Waksman
Lexi Stuver
Linda and Robert Mautz
Lisa Aepfelbacher
Lynell Cook
Mackenzie Lamberton
Madison Kenney
Maria Cano-Mooradian
Marlies Talay
Matthew Michaelson

Megan Leslie
Melanie Dann
Melissa Appleyard
Michael and Kellen Rhodes
Mitch Cogen
Morgan Wharton
Nancy Schuler
Naomi Dann
Nathan Pensler
Neil and Leslie Nathanson
Nicolas Maiarelli
Nina Anderson
Odette Schuler
Patrick Cannon
Pete D.
Piper Kizziar
Rachel Thompson
Rebecca Temkin
Richelle Malott
Robert and Diana Edwards
Ronald Castner
Sam Eckmeier
Samuel Walker
Sarah Enriquez Wiley
Shelly Jordan
Sidney Blitz-Bricken
Sophia Aepfelbacher
Stacy Reeves
Stephen McCormick
Steve and Deena Platman
Susan Abrams
William Jones
Max Barenberg

*The tiers reflect the fees required to acquire citizenship, a green card and a traveler's visa respectively.