Mission: Citizen
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About Mission: Citizen

Mission: Citizen was founded by six Lincoln High School Constitution Team members in 2009. It continues today as a student-run nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. Our passion for teaching manifests itself in a series of free, eight week classes designed to provide a basis in American history, citizenship and current events. Classes are open to anyone, but we cater to green card holders trying to pass the citizenship test. However, as we emphasize, it's more than the test: we prepare for citizenship.


On June 11, 2009, a group of six motivated Lincoln High School Constitution Team alumni decided to use their knowledge of civics to benefit their community. They established Mission:Citizen, a citizenship education program that emphasizes the importance of being an active and engaged citizen.

The legacy the Founders began has been continued and expanded by new faces from Lincoln High’s Constitution Team. Today, the Executive Committee consists of a condensed four official positions (Executive Director, VP of Business Affairs, VP of Academic Affairs, and Media Manager) from the original six. A system of committees and a dedicated body of instructors round out the staff. Combined, the instructors are able to speak Spanish, French, German, Korean, Russian, and Mandarin. They use their foreign language skills to ensure students fully understand concepts while keeping in mind that competence in English is essential to passing the exam.

Our goal is to guide students through the naturalization process and prepare students to pass the citizenship test. Ultimately, we hope to encourage civic engagement in America’s future citizens, including educated voting, participation in community forums and voluntary associations, and understanding the rights and responsibilities that accompany US Citizenship.

Board of Directors

Jason Trombley Chair of the Board
Louis Wheatley Vice Chair of the Board & Founder
Naomi Dann Secretary of the Board & Founder
Stephen Griffith Board Member
Callie King-Guffey Founder & Board Member
Emilie Segura Founder & Board Member
Eugene Chung Founder
Max Dickinson Founder


Kate Weeks Executive Director
Amelia Diana Director of Education
Tessa Cannon Director of Finance
Holden Lee Director of Media


Akili Kelekele
Amelia Diana
Anya Jesson
Ashok Kaushik
Bridget Price
Caleb Kono
Carmen Vintro
Cassia Schuler
Clara Schwab
Danny Luo
Ellie Kruse
Eve Selbie
Gretchen Rudolph
Hank Sanders
Holden Lee
Isaac Hoffman
Jamie Bikales
Jay Sharabu
Jessica Motley
Joe Schlechter
Johanna Donnelly

Jonah Sacks
Jonathan Cordisco
Julia Dodson
Kaela Lee
Kate Lambert
Kate Reynolds
Kate Weeks
Katie Kim
Kattie Abrams
Kelly Ryu
Kendall Accetta
Kevin Nguyen
Kiran Morrissey
Lea Kapur
Macey Ferron-Jones
Madeline Gochee
Madelyn Johnson
Maggie Satchwell
Marissa Talcott
Mia Dalton

Michael McPhee
Natalie Brauser
Noah Glassman
Nolan Johnson
Olivia Loibner
Parker Denton
Piper Kizziar
Radhika Mashru
Raja Moreno
Romy Rosen
Sagarika Ramachandran
Savannah Bowerfind
Semeredin Kundin
Sophia Zhang
Stella Wiswall
Stuart Diffely
Tessa Cannon
Vivian Urness
Zahra Sherman
Zia Bajwa